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From Moon Orbit-5

To Planet Paradise

From Moon Orbit Book Description: Brad and Lucy find themselves totally alone and buck-ass naked on Planet Paradise … where delicious aphrodisiac food is free … and their body’s desirable sexual features are developing rapidly … having perky boobs and stiffy peckers are really amazing discoveries. While the surviving, rebellious 100 humans were on an alien mothership … and while orbiting the moon before departure to another galaxy … theyRead More

Secret Alien Motives-2

Prelude to Abduction

Secret Alien Motives   Description: Brad was fighting against the jungles of press, spies, politicians and spy software. This only made him more determined to dismiss the reality of UFOs. But, holograms could not kill people and could not give them immediate, intense sexual pleasures that knocked them to the ground. Brad felt like he was on a fool’s errand … chasing something that he did not believe in …Read More