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From Moon Orbit-5

To Planet Paradise

From Moon Orbit Book Description: Brad and Lucy find themselves totally alone and buck-ass naked on Planet Paradise … where delicious aphrodisiac food is free … and their body’s desirable sexual features are developing rapidly … having perky boobs and stiffy peckers are really amazing discoveries. While the surviving, rebellious 100 humans were on an alien mothership … and while orbiting the moon before departure to another galaxy … theyRead More

Hidden Alien Agenda-1

Planet Paradise Vol 1

Hidden Alien Agenda   Brad is a brilliant college professor who rejects UFO theories … but he fails to recognize a real ET in his own backyard … and it will eventually get him. Unknown to everyone on Earth … there is a hidden alien agenda … and a deceptive Earth invasion is planned. One of 50 secret US military installations detected a strange object hovering 100 miles above MountRead More