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Exotic Alien Pleasures-6

Deadly Killer Aphrodisiacs

Book Description: Brad, Lucy, and the one hundred Earth survivors found themselves alone as couples … and left totally naked by the UFO mother-ship that was orbiting above Planet Paradise. Like rats in a maze, the first thing the alien abductees looked for was food … and they found plenty of it … but it failed to satisfy their hunger. The Earth abductees all wandered around becoming delusional from eatingRead More

Alien Survival Plan-3

Deceptions for Abduction

Alien Survival Plan Brad does not believe in UFOs, alien abductions,  or the Christian Bible … but finds out everybody will seize an opportunity to follow the first biblical command … be fruitful and copulate until you overflow the planet with people. Brad is constantly aware of his own sexual demons. It does not matter what the professional level is … even some hospital medical staff might rape patients.  ItRead More