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Alien Survival Plan-3

Deceptions for Abduction

Alien Survival Plan Brad does not believe in UFOs, alien abductions,  or the Christian Bible … but finds out everybody will seize an opportunity to follow the first biblical command … be fruitful and copulate until you overflow the planet with people. Brad is constantly aware of his own sexual demons. It does not matter what the professional level is … even some hospital medical staff might rape patients.  ItRead More

Secret Alien Motives-2

Prelude to Abduction

Secret Alien Motives   Description: Brad was fighting against the jungles of press, spies, politicians and spy software. This only made him more determined to dismiss the reality of UFOs. But, holograms could not kill people and could not give them immediate, intense sexual pleasures that knocked them to the ground. Brad felt like he was on a fool’s errand … chasing something that he did not believe in …Read More