Secret Alien Motives-2

Prelude to Abduction

Secret Alien Motives



Brad was fighting against the jungles of press, spies, politicians and spy software. This only made him more determined to dismiss the reality of UFOs. But, holograms could not kill people and could not give them immediate, intense sexual pleasures that knocked them to the ground.

Brad felt like he was on a fool’s errand … chasing something that he did not believe in … while dodging powerful people who wanted to know something he could not tell them. The evidence kept piling up that something untouchable did exist, but he could not put the pieces together to bring fiction to reality.

Something could kill people … not a hologram … but it could also give them immediate, intense sexual pleasure. The government seemed to know something … or thought that someone else knew something … but no one was revealing any secrets.

Brad could not figure out where to jump in to get to the bottom of things … or if he was trying to climb a mountain that he could not see!

He knows that winning can be accomplished without physical conflicts. He survives through  diplomacy … by being nice, deceitful, tricky, or patronizing a narcissist … or even innocent third-party threatening when necessary.

Life presents challenges to survive … like the popular Survivor TV (CBS Corp) program … lying, cheating, stealing and self-delusion are better than exposing one’s self to physical danger. Brad is setting himself up for a big fall … and he is about to be blindsided by a reality that he does not accept … but bigtime surprises are coming.

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Vol  2:             Secret Alien Motives – Prelude to Abduction

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Do governments really have secret information about alien visitations that they will not reveal?


Almost everyone seems to think so … but in fact … the world governments may be just as mystified and baffled as everyone else.



Do governments have recovered alien technology from crashed alien spacecrafts?


Almost everyone seems to think so … but in fact … there may just be a bunch of smart people out there who are clever enough to invent things.



Does the author think that aliens are clever enough to travel through space at speeds faster than light?


The author does know something that goes faster than the speed of light … but it is cannot propagated … and it cannot be manipulated. In a later volume in this series he will show what it is … how dangerous it is … and how to calculate it with simple mathematics.

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