Planet Paradise Vol: 1-5

PP Novels 1 - 5

Planet Paradise Set 1 Contains 5 Full-Length Novels (1 – 5)


The first books (or Volumes) in Planet Paradise series  contains Volumes 1 -5 in the Planet Paradise adult science-fiction romance Series. 

These five books introduce the events that occur from a UFO arrival and abduction … to the destruction of the Earth by asteroid impacts … and finally to the departure of a few Earth survivors from the Earth’s Moon orbit.

The three volume sets of the Planet Paradise series cover three general time periods: (1) Preparations and Departure from Earth … (2) Life and struggles on Planet Paradise … and (3) Departure from Planet Paradise and preparations for future adventures to save mankind.

These first five volumes contain these serial titles … which will give a general idea of the actions involved:

  1. Hidden Alien Agenda – Deceptive Earth Invasion
  2. Secret Alien Motives – Prelude to Abduction
  3. Alien Survival Plan – Deceptions for Abduction
  4. Doomed Blue Planet – Planet Earth Annihilation
  5. From Moon Orbit – To Planet Paradise


Many will say that the Planet Paradise series seems more like reality than fiction … but the author assures that this adult science fictions romance adventure is not based on any known events … no matter how real they may seem.

A few of the characters will tackle theoretical concepts throughout the series such as:  Big Bang … Creation … Eve clone of Adam … Evolution … God evolved …Jesus Christ’s nonhuman DNA … Punctuated evolution …Something faster than speed of light … The Eve Syndrome … and many more.

These first five books contain action that is closer to reality … but with mysteries to be solved. This first series sets the stage for the development of later actions and adventures in volume set 2 and volume set 3.

There is not a lot of shooty-bang-bang, kill’em, beat’em up, kungfu, slappy-slappy action in the first five books … but don’t get too comfy … the next two sets (i.e., 10 more books) will spool up the actions and adventures to a much higher level.

The action in these first books set is closer to reality.  The sex is more mature and romantic than the usual heavy-breathing, pig-pen squealing, and snake wallow.

However, both the actions and sex become quite a bit hotter later as the story for human survival develops in book volumes 6-10 and book volumes 11-15.

My ghost writer for the sex-action had instructions to keep the relationships civil … no romping porno stuff would pass my editor.


This first set of Planet Paradise novels: 1 – 5 can be obtained from Amazon in eBook and Print Book versions:

eBook link:                  [438 pages]

Print book link:              [478 pages]



  • The eBook version is is the best strategy because it contains five novels  … which is cheaper than buying them individually.
  • Some collectors also want a print book … so this option is also available … which is cheaper than buying each novel individually.
  • However, some collectors still want each individual print book … and that is an investment strategy for books that increase in value.
  • Here is the link to purchase individual books where that is the desired option:


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