Plane Paradise Vol: 6 – 10

Planet Paradise Volumes 6 - 10

Planet Paradise Set 2 Contains 5 Full-Length Novels (6 – 10)


Volumes 6-10 introduce the events that occur from the UFO’s arrival on Planet Paradise … to their departure a few thousand years later … to begin new adventures and struggles for survival.

In this book about the Planet Paradise adult science-fiction romance  …  the actions and violence are vastly ramped-up … and sex actually becomes an obstacle to survival.

The action is extreme … the alien beasts are violent and deadly … and the sexual pleasures are so extreme that nearly half of them die from associated complications.

These books cover three general eras: (1) Preparations and Departure from Earth … (2) Life and struggles on Planet Paradise … and (3) Departure from Planet Paradise and preparations for future adventures.

This book contains various events … which will give a general idea of the actions involved in the struggles for survival:

  • Exotic Alien Pleasures – Deadly Killer Aphrodisiacs
  • Deadly Alien Paradise – The Killing Machines
  • Deadly Little Pests – Alien Bad News
  • Alien Queen Banished – Evil Goddess Extinguished
  • New Alien Beginnings – The Madman Cometh


Many will say that these adventures may actually portray the disorganized fate of future humans on unknown planets… but the author assures that this adult science fiction romance adventure is not based on any known events … no matter how “probable” they may seem.

A few of the characters will continue to tackle theoretical concepts throughout the series such as:  Big Bang … Creation … Eve clone of Adam … Evolution … God evolved …Jesus Christ’s nonhuman DNA … Punctuated evolution …Something faster than speed of light … The Eve Syndrome … and many more.

There is a  lot of violent, deadly action and mindless sex … with irresponsible, irrational, feelings of self-importance … combined with real laziness in this era of  existence.

While some of these actions may seem closer to reality … other actions in this saga more closely resemble the savagery that might develop in an unregulated, undeveloped society … living on an alien planet with uncontrolled alien beasts.  Is this where Earth might be heading?


This second set of Planet Paradise novels: 6 – 11 can be obtained from Amazon in eBook and Print Book versions:

eBook link:                [410 pages]

Print book link:          [444 pages]


  • The eBook version is is the best strategy because it contains five novels  … which is cheaper than buying them individually.
  • Some collectors also want a print book … so this option is also available … which is cheaper than buying each novel individually.
  • However, some collectors still want each individual print book … and that is an investment strategy for books that increase in value.
  • Here is the link to purchase individual books where that is the desired option:


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