Plane Paradise Vol: 11 – 15

PP Vol 11-15

Planet Paradise Set 3 Contains 5 Full-Length Novels (10 – 15)


The third Planet Paradise box set introduces the events that occur … from the UFO’s departure from Planet Paradise … to their arrival to begin a new adventure for survival on a “renewed” Planet Earth.

Box Set 3 contains Volumes 11 -15 in the Planet Paradise adult science-fiction romance Series … and the actions and violence continue … but they come in different forms.

Sex actually becomes an obstacle to survival again … but the reasons are very different than they were on Planet Paradise.

The notions of sexual experiences in the “spiritual realm” are also explored … but their sexuality, extreme pleasure,  and sexual engagements are different than for humans.

Box Set 3 steps upon another stage that involves the responsibilities and interactions among alien spiritual beings and the human survivors.

Human survival becomes the central hot point of contention for the alien spiritual overlords … and all those responsible for continued human existence are threatened with extinction themselves.

The power and control of the Spiritual Dimension becomes apparent as spirit beings become the targets for extinction because of their lack of attention to the survival of human life.

The whole complexion of continued life for the spiritual aliens depends upon their ability to ensure that the human species does not become extinct … and the spiritual overlords are given a plan that they are going to hate.

The three box sets of the Planet Paradise series cover three general periods: (1) Preparations and Departure from Earth … (2) Life and struggles on Planet Paradise … and (3) Departure from Planet Paradise and preparations for future adventures.

This third box set in the series contains these serial titles … which will give a general idea of the action involved:

At the end of box set 3, the main characters are given the choice of continuing life with pure pleasure and joy … or they could continue their lives … struggling to help humanity survive and improve.

Their choice offers a continued adventure in one realm or another.

What will it be … and where will they go?

  1. Depart Planet Paradise – The Alien Ultimatum
  2. Brink of Extinction – The Future Begins
  3. Alien Replacement Plan – Jesus’ Alien DNA
  4. New Earth Colony – Alien Spy Revealed
  5. Alien Planets Starve – Human Destiny Determined

This third set of Planet Paradise novels: 10 – 15 can be obtained from Amazon in eBook and Print Book versions:

eBook link:           [439 pages]

Print Book link:     [471 pages]



  • The eBook version is is the best strategy because it contains five novels  … which is cheaper than buying them individually.
  • Some collectors also want a print book … so this option is also available … which is cheaper than buying each novel individually.
  • However, some collectors still want each individual print book … and that is an investment strategy for books that increase in value.
  • Here is the link to purchase individual books where that is the desired option:


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