New Earth Colony-14

Alien Spy Revealed

Book Description:

After Brad was brought back to life … he went on a killing, revenge rampage … and later returned to clean up a Planet Paradise invasion problem.

But first, Brad and Lucy were commissioned to rescue the new Earth colony and save their overlords … the Supremiums … from extinction.

An alien spy that had infiltrated Planet Paradise was found … and she turned out to be the daughter of a famous person … and from an unknown planet.

Brad and Lucy took command of their brand-new, commissioned battle cruiser … the Shadow Falcon-Hawk … and put it into action to find the alien invaders on the New Colony on Planet Paradise.

They found some secret bastard children of crazy Captain Ayuda … and of his evil wife, One-Two … that were left to die on an unknown planet.

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Vol  14:           New Earth Colony – Alien Spy Revealed

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