New Alien Beginnings-10

The Madman Cometh

Book Description:

Brad and Lucy dealt with five newly banished, luscious women from the mother ship … and got them happily married off to five lucky, lonely men.

They also dealt with the outrageous demands of the banished, black-hearted Captain Ayuda on Planet Paradise. He hated everyone and wanted to destroy Planet Paradise … but one powerful woman engaged the captain in fatal hand-to-hand combat.

Soon afterwards, the Earth group had the fight of their lives for survival against the planet’s most vicious, huge monsters … and defensive human excrement was flying everywhere.

The ultimate heartbreak occurred when an old friend reappeared and told Brad and Lucy that they were all going to be destroyed again … like old Earth had been destroyed … unless they all left Planet Paradise and headed back to the revised new Earth. The fight and resistance would not be pretty.

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Vol  10:           New Alien Beginnings – The Madman Cometh

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Why does science and Christian religion fight about the number of literal days for Creation?


Science is based on facts … religion is based on a belief in interpretations.


Can scientific facts and religious interpretations ever agree on anything?


Maybe … but facts and interpretations are often mutually exclusive and based on preference bias… and often incomplete.


What does the author say about the number of Creation days … and can the author prove his position?


The author says that the Christian biblical Creation story itself disproves the idea of six literal days for Creation … but it does not say how many actual days it did take. He can prove it by Genesis 2:19. If Adam named one species every 10 seconds … counting 12 hours per day … it would have taken him around 230 days to name 1,000,000 species! Notice … Adam did not name Eve because she had not been created yet!


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