Complete 15-Book Planet Paradise Adult Science Fiction Romance Series


Great for binge readers who do not want to wait years for the author to get around to completing the series.

Written by a retired college professor who likes to spin more than science fiction.

He also deals with prickly science and religion issues … but gives the answers and proofs to at least 10 things such things as:

  • Something that actually can/does go faster than the speed of light (in fact … shows how with simple math).
  • Proof that Jesus Christ’s DNA is not human (oh yes … he really does prove it).
  • Biblical creation took far longer than six literal days (for sure … he definitely proves this one).

Book collectors will definitely get a deal on these print books.

The author offers three different ways to get these print book collections.

He also shows readers how to get all the eBooks for free.

It really is not “slow” … but the author’s wife said that she did not want to see blood dripping from every page of the book or seminal fluid (i.e., male ejaculate) dripping from ceilings or roofs of the houses next door.

Nevertheless … there is still plenty of good, clean, instructive sex throughout the series … and plenty of really bad beasts to deal with, too.

Of course, there are UFO’s and a bunch of other characters to add twists and turns to this romance saga.

Be sure to see the “About” section for more information and descriptions about the deceptively “slow” start to this series: