Hidden Alien Agenda-1

Planet Paradise Vol 1

Hidden Alien Agenda


Brad is a brilliant college professor who rejects UFO theories … but he fails to recognize a real ET in his own backyard … and it will eventually get him.

Unknown to everyone on Earth … there is a hidden alien agenda … and a deceptive Earth invasion is planned.

One of 50 secret US military installations detected a strange object hovering 100 miles above Mount Shasta. The object outran all missiles fired at it … as it streaked down toward the East Coast.

Brad and Lucy are not what they seem to be. Brad is a brilliant university professor. Lucy is his beautiful, cunning secretary. She is also more clever than he is … and she a pheromone knockout to die for.

A sick man was found near the strange object in the Virginia mountains. Soldiers appeared to commit suicide near the object.  Professionals concluded that the strange object probably was not a hologram … because UFO holograms do not kill people … but this one did.

There are 15 serial novels in this exciting adult science-fiction romance series … where exotic sexual pleasures off-world nearly kill all of them … and vicious monsters eat many of them.

This is an adult science fiction romance series … and some of the spicy-slang language is what humans use and understand best … because it gets to the point.

Much of the descriptive sex turns out to be instructive information that most men and women don’t even know about … but should … and can learn.

Brad and Lucy challenge everything … and somewhere in this series the origin of GOD is explained … and how a common non-fiction thing actually does go faster than the speed of light and how it affects everything.

Humans crave adventures in outer space … and they want a better existence than the one they have on Planet Earth ... but will they ever do any better elsewhere?

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Vol  1:    Hidden Alien Agenda – Deceptive Earth Invasion

Digital (eBook): https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07RT9H4WQ

Print Book: https://www.amazon.com/dp/1099025257




What is the author’s background?


The author is a retired college professor. He taught diagnostic medical testing and transmission of communicable diseases. He is an educator, writer, inventor, experimental aircraft builder/ pilot, amateur theoretical physicist, theoretical theologian, puzzle developer, reverend, and golfer … but many people do not believe that he is an amateur at anything … except golf.



Does the author believe that UFOs are hostile toward the Earth?


He is concerned that there may be advanced civilizations that might be worried about our ability to harm them if we ever manage inter-planetary space fight … and therein lies our danger of a threat from them … to stop us first.



What does the author think our biggest threat from outer-space really is?


Big things falling to Earth … like the Chicxulub crater in the Caribbean. The author also thinks that there could have been a string of asteroids hitting the oceans at that same time … similar to the string of comets in the Shoemaker-Levy 9, Planet Jupiter impacts in July 1994 … and that they could have been big enough cause many huge tsunamis to flood the continents.


Vol  1:    Hidden Alien Agenda – Deceptive Earth Invasion

FREE Digital (eBook): https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07RT9H4WQ

Print Book: https://www.amazon.com/dp/1099025257


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