Exotic Alien Pleasures-6

Deadly Killer Aphrodisiacs

Book Description:

Brad, Lucy, and the one hundred Earth survivors found themselves alone as couples … and left totally naked by the UFO mother-ship that was orbiting above Planet Paradise.

Like rats in a maze, the first thing the alien abductees looked for was food … and they found plenty of it … but it failed to satisfy their hunger. The Earth abductees all wandered around becoming delusional from eating the purple-passion fruit.

Everyone succumbed to the aphrodisiac and narcotic effects of the deadly designer fruit of Planet Paradise. They all nearly died from the killer effects of the exotic passion fruits that left them disoriented.

They could not help it … but they all stayed drug-drunk … and everyday was worse. The effects were worse than an overdose of 190-proof alcohol … like vodka.

The exotic fruits caused all of them to eat like pigs and fumble around at mating in a delirious fog… but why were so many of them starving to death if they were eating so much?

Get the sixth of 15 novels in this science-fiction-romance series from Amazon: Planet Paradise Series – Book 6: Exotic Alien Pleasures – Deadly Killer Aphrodisiacs by Royal-Spell

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Vol  6:             Exotic Alien Pleasures – Deadly Killer Aphrodisiacs

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What is currently the biggest sexual problem for couples?


When the sexual orgasm does not meet the unrealistic expectations of the pleasure associated with it.


What was the first command given to creation in the (Christian) Bible?


It was actually given to animals first … prepare your nests (i.e., be fruitful or successful) … and then multiply (i.e., have sex).


Is there really something that goes faster than the speed of light?


Yes, there absolutely is, and the author will explain what it is and how it works … and you can find it somewhere in one of the novels in the Planet Paradise series. Because if you do not know about it … and you learn how to travel in space … it can kill you.


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