Doomed Blue Planet-4

Planet Earth Annihilation

Doomed Blue Planet

Brad and Lucy watch a rebellious new group of abductees (on a UFO)… who disbelieve that they are watching the fiery destruction of Earth by asteroids impacts … and a catastrophic life-ending event.

A group of abducted scientists … who thought they were attending a space science conference … rebel violently against their abductees who tricked them. The scientists insist that they are only watching a Hollywood production of Earth’s life ending destruction by fiery asteroids.

To teach them a lesson, the aliens transported them outside the UFO and forced them to touch the dead bodies of children and adults. They all nearly died in the poisonous atmosphere of destruction outside the UFO … but some of the hardheads still would not face reality.

Brad and Lucy, along with the other abductees, were witnesses to the biggest most destructive string of asteroids to ever hit Earth.

One asteroid was so big it hit and activated the Yellowstone super volcano … and some idiots unleashed all of their nuclear arsenals to make sure that their enemies around the world did not survive either.

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Vol  4:             Doomed Blue Planet – Planet Earth Annihilation

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Could a large asteroid impact activate the Yellowstone super volcano?


Yes, that could happen … with unpredictable results … depending upon the size, speed, and impact direction of the asteroid.



Is it possible that an asteroid impact could actually open a waterway between the Mediterranean Sea and the Dead Sea?


That could be possible. An associated earthquake cold shift a lot of land and open a pathway (i.e., a valley) between the two seas. However, if a fountain-head resulted in the mountains, water could flow in two directions … one toward the Mediterranean Sea and another toward the Dead Sea … which might eventually fill up and flow toward the Gulf of Aqaba.



If the Earth is totally destroyed by a life-ending asteroid impact(s) … will anyone be able to survive?


If a life-ending event takes place in the present time … such as the one described in this novel series … it is doubtful that any human, animal, plant, or insect life would survive.

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