From Moon Orbit-5

To Planet Paradise

From Moon Orbit

Book Description:

Brad and Lucy find themselves totally alone and buck-ass naked on Planet Paradise … where delicious aphrodisiac food is free … and their body’s desirable sexual features are developing rapidly … having perky boobs and stiffy peckers are really amazing discoveries.

While the surviving, rebellious 100 humans were on an alien mothership … and while orbiting the moon before departure to another galaxy … they were all kept subdued with alcohol and aphrodisiacs to keep them out of the crew’s way and under control.

The drugged and drunken abductees  mainly had a lot of mindless sex that they wouldn’t even remember later.

It was like giving candy to a starving baby. These were over-worked, sex-starved humans, who had never really had time to explore and learn the pleasures of sex before now … pedantic pleasures were never, never this good.

During the 30-day intergalactic trip to their new home, the humans were given orientation materials to prepare them for their new futures on Planet Paradise  … but they mostly stayed drunk and sexually exhausted.

Brad and Lucy, along with the other abductees, were dumped, naked, down onto Planet Paradise … where they all discover that their sexual attributes were growing into voluptuous, desirable proportions … and where a literal fight for survival was just beginning.

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Vol  5:             From Moon Orbit – To Planet Paradise

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What is currently the biggest problem for space travel?


The lack of a propulsion system to get a spaceship from here to there quickly.



What is the second biggest problem for space travel?


Not knowing exactly where everything is … because without that knowledge … even the fastest spaceships cannot be flown to a real place without getting lost OR crashing into something.



What is more important than fast space travel and knowing where something is in space?


Finding a place that can support and sustain human life. This old expression definitely applies here … Going nowhere fastespecially if someone does not know where they are.

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