Deadly Little Pests-8

The Killing Machines

Book Description:

Brad encountered a strange, new alien leader who gave him an instant pheromone attraction.

She would become the new leader on Planet Paradise of this DNA-enhanced Earth group with their new physical endowments.

This group was going to have their physical and sexual dreams come true with a life expectancy over 2000 years.

Their children would never appear younger or prettier than their parents … but they could all be killed by two deadly alien beasts that would not only eat them but would also eat the food they ate.

Unfortunately, they would also have two new deadly little pests to deal with … as well as a vicious alien queen that would soon be banished to Planet Paradise from her comfy UFO mother ship.

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Could there really be life on other planets?




If there are life forms on other planets … what would they look like?


To give you an idea about this … have you ever been to a zoo or watched any nature documentaries on TV? If you have, you probably realize that life forms on Earth … both plants and animals … vary from one another a great deal. Investigators estimate that there are millions of species of insects, plants, animals … and billions of microbial organisms on Planet Earth.


If we ever travel to another planet that might support human life … would we need to worry about getting sick?


Absolutely! One of the greatest threats to humans life on Earth is the constant worry that some new virus, bacteria, or fungus will manage to invade our body and reproduce to overwhelm our immune system’s ability to fight it. On a new planet there could be many microbes that could invade our bodies and kill us before our immune systems could respond. There are several key factors that allow microbes to invade and multiply within our bodies … such as the right body temperature for them to grow, pH, and much more. Also, an planet’s sun could have ionizing radiation might kill us if it gets through the atmosphere. I am just itching to write a lot more … but I encourage anyone reading this to go get an education in the sciences because we need more scientists to investigate the things that protect and sustain our lives.

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