Deadly Alien Paradise-7

The Killing Machines

Book Description:

Brad and Lucy watched helplessly as four huge, alien monsters killed and devoured ten Earth survivors … and then, something else killed those four monsters ….

Four huge, deadly alien monsters killed ten Earth scientist survivors like they were swatting flies. The remaining idiot scientists resisted and rebelled against each other … still believing that they could not possibly be a billion light years from Earth.

They did not believe their DNA rejuvenations either … until they realized how well developed their physical attributes were becoming … and how much more fun they were having with their love lives.

Brad and Lucy did not want to lead this group of rebellious scientists. Their alien benefactors promised them all new DNA-rejuvenated bodies that would keep them all fixed at 21 years of age … with hot, young bodies … and their children would never appear younger or prettier than their parents.

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Working on it … but there are over 200 types of cancer that can occur in almost any part of the human body … so, one single cure for all types of cancer may not be possible.


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