Brink of Extinction-12

The Future Begins

Book Description:

Brad and Lucy were offered futures as powerful spaceship captains … with 21-year old hot bodies and super strength.

Back on New Planet Earth … the little Earth group’s babies had been dying off like flies … with a 91% mortality rate. Planet Paradise had totally ruined any ambitions they should have had to succeed at anything … and they would eventually pay the ultimate price.

Their Supremium overlords were offered extinction unless they got off their wrinkled wings, did their jobs, and stopped letting humans die.

The Supremiums offered a plan of salvation for the returning Earth group … but El Supremo rejected 100% of their recommendations … and gave them an option to fix it, or die.

El Supremo was very angry … and he was ready to kill of Earth’s people again … like he did in the great flood. This time he was also threatening to send some heavenly hosts to extinction in the Dimension of Nothingness.

But … who could replace these humans … or could they be replaced? Would they become extinct?

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Can angels be killed?




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According to the Bible book … there is just one, and he is emphatic about it … Exodus 20:3 and Exodus 34:14. However, Christian theology conflates three entities into one Triune god …  according to the Trinity Doctrine.

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