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Plane Paradise Vol: 11 – 15

PP Vol 11-15

Planet Paradise Set 3 Contains 5 Full-Length Novels (10 – 15)   The third Planet Paradise box set introduces the events that occur … from the UFO’s departure from Planet Paradise … to their arrival to begin a new adventure for survival on a “renewed” Planet Earth. Box Set 3 contains Volumes 11 -15 in the Planet Paradise adult science-fiction romance Series … and the actions and violence continue …Read More

Plane Paradise Vol: 6 – 10

Planet Paradise Volumes 6 - 10

Planet Paradise Set 2 Contains 5 Full-Length Novels (6 – 10)   Volumes 6-10 introduce the events that occur from the UFO’s arrival on Planet Paradise … to their departure a few thousand years later … to begin new adventures and struggles for survival. In this book about the Planet Paradise adult science-fiction romance  …  the actions and violence are vastly ramped-up … and sex actually becomes an obstacle toRead More

Planet Paradise Vol: 1-5

PP Novels 1 - 5

Planet Paradise Set 1 Contains 5 Full-Length Novels (1 – 5)   The first books (or Volumes) in Planet Paradise series  contains Volumes 1 -5 in the Planet Paradise adult science-fiction romance Series.  These five books introduce the events that occur from a UFO arrival and abduction … to the destruction of the Earth by asteroid impacts … and finally to the departure of a few Earth survivors from theRead More

Alien Planets Starve-15

Human Destiny Determined

Book Description: Brad and Lucy receive a surprise attack by an alien battle cruiser … but then they have a choice … spend an eternity in paradise or a return to human life. Brad and Lucy seem to progress through all parts of their galactic existence by getting better … at failing … to reach a satisfactory resolution to do much of anything for themselves. It seems like friendly supervisorsRead More

New Earth Colony-14

Alien Spy Revealed

Book Description: After Brad was brought back to life … he went on a killing, revenge rampage … and later returned to clean up a Planet Paradise invasion problem. But first, Brad and Lucy were commissioned to rescue the new Earth colony and save their overlords … the Supremiums … from extinction. An alien spy that had infiltrated Planet Paradise was found … and she turned out to be theRead More

Alien Replacement Plan-13

Jesus' Alien DNA

Book Description: Brad and Lucy met El Supremo. But they were not impressed by the little short, fat, sweaty man … that is … until he gave them an ultimatum. Brad and Lucy took off on their new rejuvenation missions to become 21-years old again with hot bodies and near super-powers. The Supremiums were doing everything wrong with the Earth group … and El Supremo promised them extinction if theyRead More

Brink of Extinction-12

The Future Begins

Book Description: Brad and Lucy were offered futures as powerful spaceship captains … with 21-year old hot bodies and super strength. Back on New Planet Earth … the little Earth group’s babies had been dying off like flies … with a 91% mortality rate. Planet Paradise had totally ruined any ambitions they should have had to succeed at anything … and they would eventually pay the ultimate price. Their SupremiumRead More

New Alien Beginnings-10

The Madman Cometh

Book Description: Brad and Lucy dealt with five newly banished, luscious women from the mother ship … and got them happily married off to five lucky, lonely men. They also dealt with the outrageous demands of the banished, black-hearted Captain Ayuda on Planet Paradise. He hated everyone and wanted to destroy Planet Paradise … but one powerful woman engaged the captain in fatal hand-to-hand combat. Soon afterwards, the Earth groupRead More

Alien Queen Banished-9

Evil Goddess Extinguished

Book Description: Brad saw the evil goddess queen killed and eaten by the very beasts she had sent to Planet Paradise to destroy the little group of humans that she hated so much. The mother-ship’s Captain Ayuda executed five of his lieutenants for sleeping with his wife, but he banished their luscious wives to Planet Paradise as punishment. The Supremiums ordered the captain’s evil wife to also be banished toRead More

Deadly Little Pests-8

The Killing Machines

Book Description: Brad encountered a strange, new alien leader who gave him an instant pheromone attraction. She would become the new leader on Planet Paradise of this DNA-enhanced Earth group with their new physical endowments. This group was going to have their physical and sexual dreams come true with a life expectancy over 2000 years. Their children would never appear younger or prettier than their parents … but they couldRead More

Deadly Alien Paradise-7

The Killing Machines

Book Description: Brad and Lucy watched helplessly as four huge, alien monsters killed and devoured ten Earth survivors … and then, something else killed those four monsters …. Four huge, deadly alien monsters killed ten Earth scientist survivors like they were swatting flies. The remaining idiot scientists resisted and rebelled against each other … still believing that they could not possibly be a billion light years from Earth. They didRead More

Exotic Alien Pleasures-6

Deadly Killer Aphrodisiacs

Book Description: Brad, Lucy, and the one hundred Earth survivors found themselves alone as couples … and left totally naked by the UFO mother-ship that was orbiting above Planet Paradise. Like rats in a maze, the first thing the alien abductees looked for was food … and they found plenty of it … but it failed to satisfy their hunger. The Earth abductees all wandered around becoming delusional from eatingRead More

From Moon Orbit-5

To Planet Paradise

From Moon Orbit Book Description: Brad and Lucy find themselves totally alone and buck-ass naked on Planet Paradise … where delicious aphrodisiac food is free … and their body’s desirable sexual features are developing rapidly … having perky boobs and stiffy peckers are really amazing discoveries. While the surviving, rebellious 100 humans were on an alien mothership … and while orbiting the moon before departure to another galaxy … theyRead More

Doomed Blue Planet-4

Planet Earth Annihilation

Doomed Blue Planet Brad and Lucy watch a rebellious new group of abductees (on a UFO)… who disbelieve that they are watching the fiery destruction of Earth by asteroids impacts … and a catastrophic life-ending event. A group of abducted scientists … who thought they were attending a space science conference … rebel violently against their abductees who tricked them. The scientists insist that they are only watching a HollywoodRead More

Alien Survival Plan-3

Deceptions for Abduction

Alien Survival Plan Brad does not believe in UFOs, alien abductions,  or the Christian Bible … but finds out everybody will seize an opportunity to follow the first biblical command … be fruitful and copulate until you overflow the planet with people. Brad is constantly aware of his own sexual demons. It does not matter what the professional level is … even some hospital medical staff might rape patients.  ItRead More

Secret Alien Motives-2

Prelude to Abduction

Secret Alien Motives   Description: Brad was fighting against the jungles of press, spies, politicians and spy software. This only made him more determined to dismiss the reality of UFOs. But, holograms could not kill people and could not give them immediate, intense sexual pleasures that knocked them to the ground. Brad felt like he was on a fool’s errand … chasing something that he did not believe in …Read More