Alien Survival Plan-3

Deceptions for Abduction

Alien Survival Plan

Brad does not believe in UFOs, alien abductions,  or the Christian Bible … but finds out everybody will seize an opportunity to follow the first biblical command … be fruitful and copulate until you overflow the planet with people.

Brad is constantly aware of his own sexual demons. It does not matter what the professional level is … even some hospital medical staff might rape patients.  It seems that most humans will engage in any sexual activity when they feel safe … or can get away with it.

Brad finds out that human sexual deviant behavior might actually be human “normal sexual behavior” … but getting raped in a hospital is not what people expect … especially from the medical staff.

Brad has another problem because of his big mouth …  and he gets dropped from an actual UFO without a parachute to teach him a lesson. High-level, hidden government types,  are looking for Brad to find out what he knows …  and then to kill him.

Brad is actively being sought by military intelligence for questioning and elimination … to cover up their military conspiracy … because he was seen walking beneath a UFO in the Virginia woodlands.

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Vol  3:             Alien Survival Plan – Deceptions for Abduction

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Do hospital rapes actually occur?


Yes, it can happen … just as it can happen in motels … but many people do not report them in either case. Unconscious hospital patients may not recall the act … and motel rape victims may not see attackers in a dark room.



Do rapes actually occur on UFOs?


Some abductees report various medical examinations … including rape for impregnation.



Are alien abductions real?


There are reports to indicate that many people believe that they have been abducted.

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