Alien Replacement Plan-13

Jesus' Alien DNA

Book Description:

Brad and Lucy met El Supremo. But they were not impressed by the little short, fat, sweaty man … that is … until he gave them an ultimatum.

Brad and Lucy took off on their new rejuvenation missions to become 21-years old again with hot bodies and near super-powers.

The Supremiums were doing everything wrong with the Earth group … and El Supremo promised them extinction if they did not do their jobs better.

The Supremiums were given an action plan for salvation … but Brad and Lucy were off ruining their own futures … Brad had a penchant for messing-up everything with his big mouth.

The Supremiums killed all the Earth parents … then they became surrogate parents to save the children. Brad was killed by a YapYap. El Supremo asked him if he would like to be resurrected to come back and fight that YapYap face-to-face.

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What is the Eve Syndrome?


It sounds like a James Bond movie title, but it’s not … it means: “Everything is Not Enough.


Which came first … the physical dimension or the spiritual dimension?


Most scholars would say that the Physical Dimension emanated within the Spiritual Dimension … which means that GOD was creating the Physical Dimension inside the Spiritual Dimension.


Is there really something that can go faster than the speed of light?


Yes … and it’s all over the universe. Consider a black hole with a radius of 1,000,000 miles rotating at a surface speed 50% the speed of light. At a radius distance point of 2,000,000 miles, the gravitational spokes would be traveling at the speed of light. A radius distance point of 4,000,000 miles would be traveling at twice the speed of light. Gravity cannot be bent or shielded against … but since gravity is not matter, but is a property of matter … this does not violate the Theory of Relativity.

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