Alien Planets Starve-15

Human Destiny Determined

Book Description:

Brad and Lucy receive a surprise attack by an alien battle cruiser … but then they have a choice … spend an eternity in paradise or a return to human life.

Brad and Lucy seem to progress through all parts of their galactic existence by getting better … at failing … to reach a satisfactory resolution to do much of anything for themselves.

It seems like friendly supervisors are very good at “scooting” them along from one mess to another without actually improving things for Brad and Lucy.

There always seem to be promises of better-this and better-that for them … but are they actually advancing … or are they just being “played?”

Brad and Lucy always seem to be confronted by choices with hidden-parts affecting their future existence … and that scenario follows them into their suspended after-life.

What will they do? Will they finally choose an unbelievable paradise … or go back and slug it out to continue their human adventure?

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Vol  15:           Alien Planets Starve – Human Destiny Determined

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Will the author continue this series with another book?


He will if his readers want it.


The author injects a lot of science and religious ideology throughout these novels. Is he a scientist or a preacher?


The author claims to be an amateur theoretical physicist and an amateur theoretical theologian. He is a retired college/university professor … also has a “divinity” degree … but he is not a preacher in any church. Many do not think that he is really an “amateur” at anything.


Did the author run out of ideas and cannot figure out where his story and characters can go next? A lot of TV programs do that and leave us waiting for the “next” journey in the adventure … and leave us angry at being “dropped” in the middle of nowhere? Remember the TV series “Cedar Cove” (Hall Mark Channel 2013-15) with Andie MacDowell … they sunk their boat in the middle of the “waterfall” … and that really made a lot of us angry. But that’s just one example of a common problem with entertainment of any kind.


No … the author did not run out of ideas … but he did not want to try to row his boat down a dry riverbed either. He is aware that people get really angry at being dropped in the middle of a story whether on TV or in a book series. He also knows that people love to “binge” on TV series and books with a series.

For those reasons, the author waited until he had completed 15 novels in the Planet Paradise series. The series can stop in Book (or Volume) 15. But there are so many ways that the Planet Paradise series can continue … and the author can continue … but he does not want to waste time writing for a series that people do not want to continue reading.

As a matter of fact, the author says that Brad and Lucy are on the threshold of doing some really big things … but the author’s wife has some restrictions. She said that she does not want to see blood dripping from every page and sexual ejaculate dripping from all the rooftops of all the houses next door on each page either.

The author says that is not a problem … Brad and Lucy can still take care of mean aliens in ways not even thought of yet … and the sexual parts will be handled with skill (and pleasure).

The author said that if his readers want the Planet Paradise series to continue … he will do so … just as soon as his other book obligations are completed.

Just let him know if there is interest in continuing the Planet Paradise series at this email address: Subject: Continue PP Series


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