Planet Paradise Adult Science Fiction Romance Series

This is a complete 15-book adult science fiction romance series that is reader-ready. Binge readers can drip-feed appetites and chomp away at the whole series all at once. The author has made it easy for readers and book collectors to get their hands on this books series at their own pace.

What’s it about?

Here is a short description that spans the entire 15 books in the series:

This Planet Paradise saga contains all 15 books in a series that cover three general time periods: (1) Preparations and Departure from Earth … (2) Life and struggles on Planet Paradise … and (3) Departure from Planet Paradise and preparations for future adventures to save mankind.

While this saga may seem more like reality than fiction … the author assures that this adult science fiction romance adventure is not based on any known events.

A few of the characters will tackle theoretical concepts throughout the series such as:  Big Bang … Creation … Eve clone of Adam … Evolution … God evolved …Jesus Christ’s nonhuman DNA … Punctuated evolution … The Eve Syndrome … Something faster than speed of light and many more.

The actual mathematical calculation for something that really can … and does go faster than the speed of light … is shown and explained.

While the beginning actions seem closer to reality than fiction… it is obvious that there are mysteries to be solved … and most readers instinctively know that something unsuspected is coming. But … before they realize it … they have been drawn into the saga without really being aware of it.

There is not a lot shooty-bang-bang, kill’em, beat’em up, kungfu, kicky-ducky, slappy-slappy action at  first … but don’t get too comfy … the actions will spool up, and the adventures will sneak up to a much higher level.

In the beginning the sex is more mature and romantic than the usual pornographic heavy-breathing, pig-pen squealing, bull-slobbering, snake wallowing, hung-up-panting-dogs type of sex.

However, both the actions and sex become quite a bit hotter later as the story for human survival develops in “off-world” challenges for survival.

While on Planet Paradise, the actions and violence are vastly increased … and sex actually becomes an obstacle to survival … in spite of the fact that the sex is so exquisitely good.

The action is extreme … the alien beasts are violent and deadly … and the sexual pleasures are so extreme that nearly half of the survivors die from associated complications.

There is a  lot of violent, deadly action and mindless sex … with irresponsible, irrational, feelings of self-importance … combined with real laziness exhibited by the privileged Earth survivors.

Life on Planet Paradise closely resembles the savagery that might likely develop in an unregulated, undeveloped society while living on an alien planet with uncontrolled alien beasts and irresponsible overlords.

Even though the actions and violence continue … they come in different forms.  The Earth survivors are so uncooperative that they have to be poisoned to make them leave Planet Paradise to avoid impending doom from asteroid impacts.

Back on a “renewed-rebuilt” Earth,  sex actually becomes an obstacle to survival again … but the reasons are very different than they were on Planet Paradise.

The notions of sexual experiences in the “spiritual realm” are also explored … but their sexuality, extreme pleasure, and sexual engagements are different than for humans.

Human survival becomes the central “hot-point” of contention for the alien spiritual overlords. All those responsible for continued human survival and existence are threatened with extinction themselves.

The power and control of the Spiritual Dimension becomes apparent as spirit beings become the targets for extinction for failing to do their jobs to keep humans alive and thriving.

Because of their lack of attention to the survival of human life,  the spiritual overlords are given a plan for survival that they absolutely hate.

They have to experience human sex … which turns out to deliver far less than expected … just like it does for humans.

After their return to a “revitalized-Earth,”  the main human characters are given the choice to continue a life with pure pleasure and joy … or they could continue their lives, struggling to help humanity survive and improve.

Which will it be … where will they go …and why?

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